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Ilse D

2013 173cm Bay Dutch Harness Horse Mare
Let It Rip D x Lena D (
Genotype: Ee Aa       17.0 hh       Purchased, Show

Breeder: Sanna of Dahabu Arabians [visit]
Owner: Jenna of Cherrywood Estate

Purchased on 2019-05-03

Trained In: Classic Pleasure ()

File Last Updated: -0001-11-30

Let It Rip D
1995 170cm Bay Dutch Harness Horse
(Dahabu Arabians, FIN) sim
ASSA Breeder's Trust Sire, ASSA HoF, DHHS HvL, ASES Premier
VIR MVA Ch Stefanus
167cm Dutch Harness Horse (Dahabu Arabians, FIN) sim
Dutch Harness Horse (FIN) sim
Dutch Harness Horse (FIN) sim
2007 168cm Bay Dutch Harness Horse (Dahabu Arabians, FIN) sim
Dutch Harness Horse (FIN) sim
Dutch Harness Horse (FIN) sim
Lena D
2005 170cm Chestnut Dutch Harness Horse
(Dahabu Arabians, FIN) sim
ASSA Breeder's Trust Dam, ASSA HoF, DHHS HvL, Finnish Studbook 3rd
2006 165cm Bay Dutch Harness Horse (Jens Kerneels, FIN) sim VIR MVA Ch. KTK II, VVJ II, KRJ III, YLA3
Dutch Harness Horse (FIN) sim
Dutch Harness Horse (FIN) sim
2006 166cm Bay Dutch Harness Horse (Jens Kerneels, FIN) sim TSI II
Dutch Harness Horse (FIN) sim
Dutch Harness Horse (FIN) sim

*sim denotes a sim (fictional) horse. All other horses in the pedigree above are based on a real world horse, or otherwise unknown.
Note that since names cannot be copyright protected, the use of pedigree names on a clearly-denoted fictional horse is not fraud, and no fraud is intended.

Brood Book Status: Closed
Open to Breeds: No restrictions
not eligible not eligible Foundation Approved not eligible

0 Foals (0 Fillies / 0 Colts) | Breeding Years: 2017 - 2043

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Ilse D is currently competing for team Cherrywood on our Classic Pleasure string. Current classes/level: .

Titles & Accolades
ASSA Breeder's Trust Dam
ASSA Breeder's Trust Nominee
ASSA Hall of Fame

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0 none Active 2019-05-03
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