Welcome to the PHP searchable mini-site version of the ISG ECUID Horse table archive. What is it? Well, Impulsion Sim Game (ISG) was a horse & dog sim game that was among the first to have a completely custom database-driven PHP website. Sometime in the mid-2000s it transitioned from using a free baseportal database to using a custom-built database on its own domain. This searchable site contains the contents of a CSV file made as a backup of said table (horses only) in 2014. A copy of the CSV was uploaded to the Sim Simmy Things Facebook group by Rochelle in 2017, and made into this site by Jenna later the same year. The original table and the game it came from were owned and managed by Merrie. Jenna claims ownerships over this site's coding only, and does not claim ownership over or responsibility for the contents of the archive.

If you would like to request updates to information found here, contact Jenna at SAS Forums or Horses Forever.

Please keep in mind that the ownership history field experienced lots of glitches in the early days of ISG's transition from a baseportal archive to a custom database. The first name in the ownership history is not necessarily the breeder/creator, and it is entirely possible that names are missing or added in histories where they shouldn't be. We chose not to remove this column, but wish to make everyone aware that it may not be accurate.