Horses Forever Show Results Database

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Welcome to the Horses Forever show results database! Results are collected by Jenna of Blackvale Ltd./Jenna’s Sim Tools. Please note that this is not an official part of HF as it is not maintained by HF officers, and as such it is a completely optional tool for your gameplay.

This database is not linked to any form of official HF registry. Until you, the owner, set up a “saved horse,” all this database can do is show you results by horse name as entered in the shows. Spelling errors, owners choosing to show with title prefixes, etc. will all result in name variations. Login/register and use “My Saves” to combine name variants, hide unwanted association point tallies, hide dropped results, and export your results.

Found problems? If it isn’t something you can do “My Saves,” request a fix here.

Pro Tips! Plan to make heavy use of this tool? For best results, do these things while entering: